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How To Setup Surround Sound System On Roku Media Player?

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Normally all TV shows, movies and videos you watch with Roku media player are available in stereo mode. But with some twitch, you can easily convert the stereo sound to surround sound. You might be wanting to know how it can be done. Well, there are a few steps which we are going to discuss with you now. You can use AVR or sound Bar as a medium for connecting the Roku to the surround sound.

Connect the player

To start the steps, first of all, connect the Roku media player to HDMI port of TV through cable. If you are using a Roku stick, then you can connect directly to the HDMI port of the TV.

Use of HDMI for Audio

To get the best quality audio, you must connect the HDMI cable to the audio port rather than using the audio video cable. If you want to play 4K videos or HDR standard videos, then do check pre-requisites of the same from Roku page.

After the device gets successfully connected, connect the Roku to that device.

Connecting the Roku directly to the surround sound supported TV

  • Connect HDMI cable to Roku and another end to the HDMI port.

Connecting the AVR sound bar with HDMI ports

  • If you are using a sound bar and want to purchase it from the market, then you can purchase it easily by matching the system requirements. To connect the Audio-video mode to HDMI, use cable extender.
  • Connect another end of the cable to the sound bar or AVR of the TV.
  • Connect the same cable to the TV. You can start getting the output through the TV with sound on the sound bar.

Note: To configure AVR, you need to give proper attention as steps are difficult to implement without through knowledge.

If your TV supports ARC connection

If your TV supports ARC connection, then connect the soundbar to the TV through TV tuner and another end to the HDMI port. You can easily switch to different devices from the TV remote.  For more information about ARC, you can read the complete article from the online link.

Use of optical S/PDIF for audio

If you are having no HDMI port or sound bar on AVR, then check the optical port. The optical port is the latest technology for getting the sound output on big speakers. The steps given below must be followed to connect the Roku to the optical output.

Connecting the device or AVR without HDMI ports

As we have said in the previous passage that in any case if your device doesn’t support HDMI port or no AVR on the soundbar, then you can use optical S/PDIF port.

Connect one end of HDMI cable to the AVR and another end to the TV. The condition is that your AVR must support HDMI.

Link your optical fiber cable to the optical port of the TV and another end to the soundbar input. You must connect the right or standard cable to the AVR soundbar.

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