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How To Use Roku Media Player For Playing Videos, Music, And Photos?

roku media player

Roku media player channel is available on Roku channel store from where you can download it for your media player. With App installed on Roku, you can easily play video files, listen to music and view photos through a device connected to the USB port of Roku device. Apart from this, you can access media from the local network as well.

Playing content through the USB storage device

Some Roku media players have a built-in USB port for connecting the external storage device to it. You can plug a USB drive and play locally stored images, audio and video files. If you want to connect more than one USB device to your Roku media player, then you can use a USB hub for this purpose.

If you don’t know which Roku media player supports USB port, then you can check the list from Roku official page.

There are different USB driver formats available. Roku media player currently supports FAT16, 32, NTFS, EXT3, 2 and HFS+ file system. Besides this, you can access the different partitions organized on a USB drive.

Plug the USB device to the USB port of your media player. If you have not added the Roku media player yet, then install it from Roku channel store. If it is pre-installed, then follow on-screen instructions to link the player to the USB device.

Important: You can change the mode of the channel when a USB device is connected by tapping on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System’ and finally ‘USB media’. If are entered into Roku media player, then a USB icon will be displayed on the screen. You can select further options from the screen.

Playing content from local area network

With the help of Digital Living Network Alliance standards, you can easily share the content between Roku and the devices connected over the same network. If you want to play the content from mobile or from a device connected to the Roku, make use of DLNA technology provided the device must run DLNA server and the device must be connected to the same device as your Roku media player. There are some routers and NAS devices that have inbuilt DLNA server.

Roku media player works properly with the following DLNA servers:

  • Plex
  • Twonky
  • Servio.
  • PlayON.
  • Ready DLNA.

How to play music or video through a Roku media player?

  • Select the media type from the ‘Media selection’ screen
  • Select the device from which you want to cast the content.
  • Go to the folder where you have stored the files you wish to play. If you are playing the video that is not in supported format, then first change the format, then try to play again.
  • After locating the content, click on the ‘Ok’ button to start playing the content.
  • If you want to pause, forward or skip backward the content, then press respective buttons from the Roku remote. You will find ‘Reverse scan’, ‘Forward scan’ and ‘Play/pause’ button on Roku remote.

Note: All file types support fast-forward and rewind function.

  • If you want to stop playback, click the ‘Back’ button.

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