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Top 5 Capabilities Of Roku Media Player Which User Should Know

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You can watch your favorite videos on your TV connected to Roku media player through a number of different ways. There are various splendid capabilities available in Roku media player which one should know before starting using it.

You can watch anything from Hulu Live to local photos and videos. You can also listen to music from favorite apps like Pandora and Spotify. Whether you want to surf kids channel or adult, everything is available on Roku media channel.

Let’s discuss the top 5 capabilities of the Roku media player that one should know in order to use it to full potential. If you really want to enjoy complete entertainment at home, must read these 5 functions.

  1. Know Roku Channel: It’s a platform from where the Roku users can play the content through different channels available on it. You can download Roku channel from Roku store or from the website itself. Start watching from Tom Hanks to ‘Batman live TV show. The movies and series of show changes from time to time. All the content are available for streaming for free provided you are not watching the premium quality content. For premium content, you need to pay some bucks in the form of subscription cost.
  2. Check free content: From the home screen, go to ‘Latest movies, TV episode and classic shows’ from ‘Search’ menu and check for ‘Free’ content. After opening the show, the content in it will start downloading automatically. After this, you just need to install it.
  3. Search and enter data through phone: If you are sitting in a quilt and don’t want to pull the hand out of it, then simply control the media player through phone by downloading Roku app in it. You can start controlling the Roku even with voice. The hectic of entering each and every query with the keyboard is now totally over. You will find remote on the phone screen from where you can control the functioning.
  4. Select perfect screensaver: In earlier times, people used to set screensaver just for protecting the screen but nowadays, many new screensavers have been developed that not only protect screen but also act as a source of complete entertainment. To set such screensavers, you need to over to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Screensaver’. Tap on the screensaver, you want to put to screen. If the screensaver is not available in the device, then first download, then install it. Click ‘Apply’.
  5. Get amazing 4K videos: If you love to watch high-quality videos above 1080p, then these are available in Roku media player. It supports 4K playback. You can play 4K videos provided your TV must support 4K video format. To search for 4K videos, click on ‘Streaming channel’, then select ‘UHD videos’. After this, you will find a list of videos available in 4K quality.

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